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Help ensure your baby's future health with CorCell cord blood and/or tissue banking

Blue Cross of Idaho partners with CorCell to offer its members discounted pricing for the collection and storage of stem cells from umbilical cord blood and tissue.  Collected immediately after the birth of a new baby, stem cells from the cord blood are preserved and stored for future medical benefits should the child ever need a stem cell transplant. Umbilical cord blood and tissue stem cells are not embryonic stem cells.  CorCell does not bank embryonic stem cells.

Stem cells from cord blood, like bone marrow cells, are being used to successfully treat more than 70 diseases including leukemia, anemia, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, metabolic blood disorders and immune deficiencies.  What's more, they can potentially serve as a resource for an entire family to aid in the treatment of ailing siblings, parents and even grandparents.

CorCell also stores cord tissue, which is a source of Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs).  These stem cells are in over 200 clinical trials for future treatments, including regenerative medicine.  The chance of rejection is minimal with MSCs and these stem cells can be used to treat even extended family members such as uncles and cousins.  MSCs can also be grown and refrozen, giving your family a potentially unlimited supply.

Preferred Pricing

Blue Cross of Idaho members save $650 on the CorCell cord blood and tissue program enrollment fee, which includes:

  • cord blood or cord blood & tissue collection kit
  • cord blood or cord blood & tissue collection and processing
  • private medical courier 24/7/365
  • the first year of storage

CorCell has a variety of financing plans that allow you to choose the payment plan that fits your budget.  Members can also extend their discount to other family members.

Referral Program

Not planning to have a baby?  If you refer a friend, CorCell will send you a $200 cash card1, and your friend may receive as much as $200 off the enrollment fee.  Refer a Friend Here.

Contact Information

CorCell Companies, Inc.
888-882-CORD (2673)

Find them on twitter at CorCellCorBlood
or join CorCell's facebook community at

1CorCell will mail the cash card once the referee's cord blood is processed and stored.  If the friend is already a CorCell customer, the referral is not eligible for the cash card or discount.

©2012 CorCell Companies, Inc., a Cord Blood America® company


Blue Extras! is a value-added program and not connected to your benefit plan.  CorCell Companies, Inc. is an independent company and Blue Cross of Idaho is not responsible for its services or products.

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