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Walgreens Information:

Walgreens is not part of Blue Cross of Idaho's network of pharmacies for our under-65 members who have pharmacy benefits managed by CVS Caremark. Blue Cross of Idaho made this decision as part of our continuing efforts to hold down the cost of healthcare.

To obtain an accurate listing of the network pharmacies in your area, please log in as a member and click the link "Pharmacy Benefits" then select "Find a pharmacy" located under the "Order Prescriptions" menu. If you are not yet registered as a member, please click here to register as a member.

Walgreens is a part of our network of pharmacies for Medicare Advantage members. Medicare Advantage members please call customer service at 1-888-494-2583 or TTY 1-800-377-1363 to find a pharmacy near you.

Blue Cross of Idaho Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee Prescription Drug Position Statements 

The Blue Cross of Idaho Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee is an independent group of board certified practicing doctors and pharmacists from throughout Idaho. This group meets regularly to evaluate the most current scientific evidence involving existing and new medications and determines the medication’s placement on Blue Cross of Idaho’s Drug Formulary list*. The committee excludes some drugs from the drug formulary after an evidence-based review of the available clinical study data. Blue Cross of Idaho developed the prescription drug position statements to support the Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee’s decisions. Please note that Blue Cross of Idaho may not cover certain drugs in various therapeutic categories.

Updated April 2011




*Not all benefit plans are subject to the prescription drug formulary list. Please review your member policy or contact customer service if you need assistance.