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Choose the right clinician for you

One of the most important factors in addressing your mental health concern is finding a clinician you trust. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to ensure the clinician you select is right for you:

Consider Qualities that are Important to You

For instance, what type of background or areas of expertise would you prefer that the clinician have? Would you prefer a male or female clinician? Would you be more comfortable with a clinician who shares your cultural background? Should your clinician be close to your home or to your work?

Assess Quality or Review Experience

What are the clinician`s credentials? What is the clinician`s philosophy or approach? Be assertive in voicing any of your questions about your treatment.

Consider Using a Network Clinician

We review the background and practice of all clinicians before including them in our network and check credentials regularly. We encourage all our network providers to follow “evidence based medicine,” which focuses on prescribing treatment plans that have the best outcomes, and follow up with our network providers regularly to be sure our members receive appropriate and effective care. Most of our coverage plans have lower cost sharing requirements for in-network providers, so using an in-network provider usually will save you money. Also, when you see an in-network clinician, you won`t have to file a claim.