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What types of clinicians are available?

There are a number of Clinician types that specialize in the treatment of Mental Health and/or Substance Abuse. Here is a description and distinction of each Clinician type and the services provided:

Masters Level Clinician.
Masters Level Clinicians have a Master's degree in one of the following Mental Health disciplines: Social Work, Professional Counseling or Marriage and Family Therapy. These individuals are independently licensed in the state in which they practice. They provide various services including assessments and psychotherapeutic interventions.

Master's Level Clinicians provide therapy for many basic needs; Master's clinicians work with patients to address concerns and root causes. They can see you alone, as part of a couple, or with your entire family. In some cases, they may recommend that you consult with a psychiatrist or physician to evaluate whether medication could contribute to achieving the best outcome. (Most therapists can suggest trusted psychiatrists to you for this purpose.)

 Psychologists generally have doctoral degrees in the area of educational, child, clinical or counseling psychology. Psychologists provide a variety of services including assessments, psychological testing, and most offer psychotherapeutic interventions. Some psychologists have specialties in the area of treating children and adolescents.

Psychologists offer testing that can help answer questions about what may be causing certain symptoms; often, a Masters clinician or Psychiatrist will refer to a psychologist for such testing if they believe it is right for a particular patient. Psychologists can also perform therapy.

Psychiatrists are MDs that specialize in psychiatry. They provide psychiatric evaluations, prescribe psychotropic medications and may offer psychotherapeutic interventions. They are licensed by the state in which they practice and most are Board-Certified in their specialty. Some psychiatrists have sub-specialties in the area of child psychiatry, adolescent psychiatry, addictions or geriatrics. If you are interested in a psychiatrist who evaluates and treats children be sure to inquire as to whether or not they have been trained in child psychiatry.

Psychiatrists are medical doctors with a specialty in psychiatry. Most often they conduct a thorough evaluation and prescribe medications, then monitor the effects of medications. Some psychiatrists also conduct therapy.