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Disclosure of Medicare Part D Creditable Coverage Status

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has issued guidance regarding disclosure of creditable coverage to Medicare Part D eligible individuals. You can find this information online at

The guidance reiterates that:

  • You must disclose the status of your group’s prescription drug coverage to CMS on an annual basis and upon any change in the status. The only way to disclose this information to CMS is via the Web at
  • A disclosure notice must be provided to all Part D eligible individuals who are covered under or apply for your group’s prescription drug coverage.
  • At a minimum, disclosure to your employees and their dependents on your group plan must be made at the following times:
    • Prior to the Medicare Part D annual coordinated election period – October 15 through December 7 of each year
    • Prior to an individual's initial enrollment period for Medicare Part D
      Prior to the effective date of coverage for any Medicare eligible individual who comes on to your group coverage
    • Whenever you no longer offer prescription drug coverage or the status of your prescription drug coverage changes
    • Upon a Medicare beneficiary’s request

Please refer directly to CMS' guidance using the link above to assure you are in compliance. The guidance provides an outline of what you must communicate and what is recommended you communicate as well as sample notices.

To help you communicate this information to your group members, sample notices are provided below. These notices contain all of the required information and most of the recommended information condensed into a single page.

Questions? Contact your local Blue Cross of Idaho district office.

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