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Applications & Forms

The following is a list of our online forms and applications. Looking for group sales literature?

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Group Application

We are excited to provide you with this new application.

Please be aware that the Idaho Department of Insurance requires that a cover sheet be submitted with the Idaho Universal Group Application. In addition you may need to submit a health statement addendum. Links to the appropriate forms are listed below the main application.

Idaho Universal Group Application - 3-1157

Large Group (51+ employees)
Self-Funded (ASC), Trusts, Associations, etc.
Small Group Grandfathered and Grandmothered

Other Group Forms

Small Group Large Group Form Description Form #
X X Dual Option Application Cover Sheet 3-128
X   Employee Census Data 3-468
X X Employee's Waiver of Health Care Coverage 3-467
  X Employer Application & Group Questionnaire for New Groups 51 or more Employees 3-550
X   Employer Application & Questionnaire for New Small Group Coverage 3-549
X X Group Contact Change Form 3-1146
X   Group Quoting System Excel Roster (.zip file)  
  X Idaho Large Employer Group Application Cover Sheet - Spanish 3-186S
X X SBC Attestation 3-325
X X Third Party COBRA Notification 3-1125
X   Universal Idaho Small Employer Application - Spanish 3-017S

Dental Standalone

Group Standalone Dental Enrollment Application 3-395

Statewide Schools

Statewide Schools ASC Health/Dental/Vision Enrollment Application 3-307SWS

Voluntary Vision

Group Voluntary Vision Enrollment Application 3-412

Additional Forms/Resources