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Blue Cross of Idaho will mail IRS Form 1095-B, Health Coverage, in January 2018 to the addresses we have on file for your employees. Please ask them to take the time to ensure we have their correct mailing addresses on file. To review what we have on file, members can log in to their account, select My Account, and then My Info.

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Working hard to keep your client’s information safe

At Blue Cross of Idaho, we know that the security of personal information is always a concern. As news about cyber-attacks and security breaches continue to make national headlines, we want to assure our brokers that we take our job of safeguarding each client’s information seriously.

Our Information Security Department is on high alert to protect against cyber-attacks targeting our members. We take every possible precaution to ensure against these types of attacks by employing several advanced security measures.

Blue Cross of Idaho constantly scans our network using enhanced security tools to identify any malware, viruses or security threats. We have also deployed an advanced firewall to monitor network traffic and block unauthorized traffic from entering our network.

Additionally, we routinely work with professional security experts, asking them to attempt to breach our systems and, in the process, identify potential vulnerabilities so we can address them before we discover a problem.

We regularly perform ongoing reviews of our information security program to make sure that not only is our member’s information secure, but that the privacy of their healthcare details is always respected.

We also require all employees accessing our systems from outside of our facilities to use multi-factor authentication to gain remote access to our systems. In plain terms, simply knowing a user name and password isn’t enough to gain access.

Of course, even with every precaution we take, identity theft remains a real risk. That’s why we depend on the help of your clients to make sure we are able to address any issues as soon as possible. The best way to help us keep member information secure is to have your client’s review their explanation of benefits (EOB) statements every month to look for anything that looks incorrect.

If your client sees something that doesn’t look right in an EOB statement, such as medical services received in an area of Idaho or the United States he/she did not visit, please have them contact our fraud hotline at 800-682-9095.

At Blue Cross of Idaho, we’re always looking for the best ways to make sure member information stays safe.

For more information about the Anthem cyber-attack, please visit

For more information about the Premera cyber-attack, please visit