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Blue Cross of Idaho is continually exploring and developing new ways to help our members secure what matters most to them. That’s why we’re proud to introduce Innovations – a new way of looking at health insurance. Our goal is to help our members make smarter decisions while helping group administrators save time and costs, all while delivering direct access to the products and services they want, on their terms.


CostAdvisor by Blue Cross of Idaho CostAdvisor tablet view

We know our members need the best information possible when it comes to making smart financial choices when it comes to healthcare. That's why we’re pleased to offer our members CostAdvisor – an online tool that lets members see estimated costs for medical services and procedures in their area before they go. They can search for services based on their plans so they can see both costs and what their benefits should cover. This simple tool puts the power back in our members’ hands.

Mobile App

Blue Cross of Idaho Mobile App Mobile phone view

Life moves quickly, and now your health insurance can keep up with you. With the Blue Cross of Idaho mobile app for smartphones, members have their key health insurance information wherever they are, whenever they need it.

From searching for a doctor or hospital, to seeing what their benefits cover or even sending a digital copy of their membership ID card to their doctor, members who use the app have the freedom and security of being able to have their health insurance at the tips of their fingers. The free mobile app is available at both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Online Learning Center

Online Learning Center with Blue Cross of Idaho Mobile phone view

Keeping up with changes in the health industry can feel like a full-time job. But Blue Cross of Idaho’s new Online Learning Center is designed to help group administrators and brokers keep on top of the changes with easy-to-use, online training on a wide variety of products, services and issues. Courses can be done on any schedule and at any pace, giving users the knowledge they need to stay ahead of the curve.

To learn more, please contact your sales or account representative.

Wellness Products

Blue Cross of Idaho Health and Wellness Products Brochure view

Blue Cross of Idaho is proud to bring employer groups three new wellness programs to choose from: Peak, Apex and Summit. You can choose a program that fits your company’s wellness needs, no matter if you have an embedded culture of wellness or you are just starting to help your employees meet health and fitness goals. Each customized program includes access to our cutting-edge wellness portal, plus tools, resources and our support anytime you need it.

Online Enrollment

Online Enrollment Center with Blue Cross of Idaho Laptop view of enrollment center

It’s time to leave the paperwork behind. Blue Cross of Idaho’s new Online Enrollment Center means the process of enrolling in and administering a health insurance plan just got easier. Group administrators have easier access greater control over many aspects of their plans, while employees have a simple, paper-free enrollment process. Online Enrollment offers easy, 24/7 access to make status changes, as well as increased accuracy and efficiency, making your insurance plan work for your business.

Savings Products

Savings Products with Blue Cross of Idaho

Blue Cross of Idaho has teamed with HealthEquity to offer businesses a host of services designed to help them and their employees take control of their healthcare finances. From health savings accounts to health reimbursement accounts to flexible spending accounts, this suite of offerings give employers greater control over healthcare costs while employees have more choices when it comes to their healthcare spending.

To learn more, please contact your sales or account representative.

Defined Contributions

Defined Contributions with Blue Cross of Idaho

Keeping the costs of healthcare coverage in check is a mounting challenge for many employers, but now Blue Cross of Idaho has a way to meet the bottom line and employees’ needs. The Private Exchange allows businesses to set how much they contribute to their employees’ healthcare plan and select which plans to offer, while employees pick which plan works for them and their budget. The Private Exchange means businesses get more predictability when it comes to healthcare costs, while employees get a plan that meets their needs.

To learn more, please contact your sales or account representative.

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Defined Contributions with Blue Cross of Idaho

More information about Blue Cross of Idaho's Innovations is available in our Innovations folder. Group administrators who would like a copy of the Innovations folder can contact their account representative. Brokers who would like copies can order them by logging in to the Blue Cross of Idaho broker portal.