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MP 3.01 Mental Health Introduction

Medical Policy
Mental Health
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Our medical policies are designed for informational purposes only and are not an authorization, or an explanation of benefits, or a contract.  Receipt of benefits is subject to satisfaction of all terms and conditions of the coverage.  Medical technology is constantly changing, and we reserve the right to review and update our policies periodically.


This section of the Medical Policy Reference Manual includes medical policies pertaining to mental health.

Medical policies in this section pertain to the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of mental and emotional disorders, e.g., psychoses, depression, anxiety disorders, developmental disabilities, sexual dysfunction, adjustment reactions, etc.

Coverage is customarily not provided for psychotherapeutic services given concurrently by more than one mental health provider.

Coverage is also customarily not provided for the following:


  • vocational or religious counseling;
  • consciousness raising;
  • services directed toward making one’s personality more forceful or dynamic;
  • testing or treatment for learning disabilities;
  • activities primarily of an educational nature;
  • marriage counseling;
  • services for social maladjustment, lack of discipline, or other antisocial actions which are not specifically the result of mental illness;
  • assertiveness training;
  • cognitive training;
  • primal therapy;
  • bioenergetic therapy;
  • guided imagery;
  • obesity control therapy;
  • sleep therapy;
  • dance therapy;
  • music therapy;
  • art therapy;
  • IQ testing, except in the course of specific evaluation.


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