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Mouth/Jaw Procedures

last updated 04/06/2009 garcarl

21125 Augmentation, mandibular body or angle; prosthetic material
21127 Augment Mandible Body/Angle W/Bone Graft
21137 Reduction Forehead; contouring only
21138 Reduction forehead; contouring and application of prosthetic material or bone graft (includes obtaining autograft)
21139 Reduction forehead; contouring and setback of anterior frontal sinus wall
21141 Reconstruction Midface, Single Piece
21142 Reconstruction Midface, Two Pieces
21143 Reconstruction Midface, Three or More Pieces
21145 Recon Midface Lefort I Single Graft
21146 Recon Midface Lefort I 2 Piece W/Bone Gr
21147 Recon Midface Lefort I 3+ Pcs Graft
21150 Recon Midface LeFort II (eg, Treacher-Collins Syndrome)
21151 Recon Midface LeFort II, requireing bone grafts
21154 Reconstruction midface, LeFort III (extracranial); without LeFort I
21155 Reconstruction midface, LeFort III (extracranial); with LeFort I
21159 Reconstruction midface, LeFort III(extra and intracranial); without LeFort I
21160 Reconstruction midface, LeFort III (extra and intracranial); with LeFort I 
21175 Recon bilateral orbital rims and lower forehead, advancement
21188 Reconstruction midface, osteotomies (other than LeFort type)
21193 Recon Mand Ramus Wo/Bone Graft
21194 Recon Mand Ramus W/Bone Graft
21195 Recon Mand Ramus Sag Split Wo Fix
21196 Recon Mand Ramus Sag Split W/Rigid Rix
21198 Osteotomy, Mandible, Segmental
21199 Osteotomy, Mandible, Segmental; with Genioglossus Advancement
21206 Osteotomy Maxilla Segmental 
21208 Osteoplasty, facial bones; augmentation
21209 Osteoplasty, facial bones; reduction
21210 Graft, bone; nasal, maxillary or malar areas
21215 Graft, bone; mandible (includes obtaining graft)
21230 Grft Rib Cart to Face Chin Nose Ear 
21235 Graft Cartilage Ear to Nose/Ear
21244 Reconstruct Mandible W Bone Plate
21245 Recon Mand Max Subperiosteal Part
21246 Repair Jaw W Subperiost Implnt Complete
21247 Recon Mand Condyle Bone Cart Auto 
21248 Recon Mand Condyle Bone Cart Auto  partial
21249 Recon Mand Condyle Bone Cart Auto  complete
29800 Arthroscopy, Temporomandibular Joint;diagnostic
29804 Arthroscopy, Temporomandibular Joint; surgical

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