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New Blue Cross of Idaho Members
without ID Cards

Blue Cross of Idaho has recently seen a surge of new members purchase healthcare plans both on and off the healthcare exchange. However, in some cases, this left little time to issue an enrollee number or identification card to the member before the New Year begins.

Please be aware that for the next few days, you may provide service to someone claiming to be a Blue Cross of Idaho member with a January 1, 2015 effective date, but unable to provide you with any other information.

In these rare instances, we ask that you please err on the side of patience, record the member’s information, and then follow up with us after the New Year holiday for resolution.

Please be aware that all information we have on eligibility for our members is available to you on our website. Our Customer Advocates have access only to the same information displayed on our website, so please use our website for eligibility verification.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your assistance in this time of transition to these new coverage plans.

Thank you,
Blue Cross of Idaho

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As a registered health care professional you can:

  • Review claims & eligibility on the patients you see
  • Review outpatient & inpatient prior authorizations
  • Sign up for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) - Direct Deposit
  • Keep track of the allowances changes from year to year
  • If you submit electronic claims to Blue Cross of Idaho's clearinghouse, use the 'Claims Correction' tool to fix errored claims
  • Pull Remittance Advices from today back to January 1st 2006
  • Look up alpha prefixes for submission information on 'BlueCard Alpha Prefix'

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Participation & Credentialing

To become a Blue Cross of Idaho contracted provider under any of our contracts, which includes;

  • Traditional
  • PPO
  • Managed Care
  • Medicare Advantange (True Blue and Secure Blue)

Please contact your area provider relations representatives, click Provider Contacts for a complete listing.